NPR Tiny Desk Concert Sturgill Simpson

During my time with NPR Music this summer, I was lucky enough to see an array of Tiny Desk Concerts, including the great Nickel Creek and classic Bob Mould. But nothing, nothing, compared to this Kentucky crooner. Sturgill Simpson strode into the office as though it were just another day, because for him it was. For the rest of us, it was a day that had been circled for months.

At one point, which doesn’t appear on the final cut of the performance, he asked us if we were actually excited that he was there, or if it was just our routine to come and watch artists squeeze in behind Bob’s desk. Some of us laughed at the notion, others hooted their adoration, but Sturgill didn’t seem won over, as though he didn’t quite get why anyone would care. As though he read the reviews of Metamodern Sounds in Country Music and wondered what all the fuss was about. 

He may never get it, but I, and everyone on the fourth floor of NPR’s headquarters that day, do. And now you all can too. 

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Real Thing

tUnE-yArDs- “Real Thing”

Can we all just take a minute to appreciate how fucking incredible this song is?

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Frances Cone
Eighty Five

Frances Cone- “Eighty Five”

Impact 89FM Jeff Pianki- “Old Habits”

In honor of Jeff announcing he’s moving to LA, here’s a song from one of the times I was lucky enough to catch him live. 

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Nickel Creek
You Don't Know What's Going On

Nickel Creek- “You Don’t Know What’s Going On”

WNYC Soundcheck Nickel Creek- “21st of May”

I could watch Sean Watkins slay on guitar all day long. 

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Nickel Creek
Rest Of My Life

Nickel Creek- “Rest of My Life”

Lots of Nickel Creek incoming. Prepare yourself. 

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